5toFold – Connect & Commit | Five-to-Fold decision-mastery process

5toFold training

Learn how to use 5toFold – decisions that unite. Increase your awareness and build the skills you need to start your journey to mastery.

Intro workshops are offered online every three months. This workshop gives you the basic information you need to start using 5toFold. We meet for two hours and have a one hour follow up, after three weeks. You will get our 2-page practical guide! Our offer also includes a one hour mentoring session.

The Deep Dive training is offered continuously, as soon as we have a group of interested people. In this training we dive deeper into the practice and learn about the art of facilitating 5toFold meetings including preparations and follow up. We explore the essence of 5toFold and how you can use it in daily life of your organization.  

In the Deep Dive training we meet online for two days (5 hours each day). We have a follow up meeting (3 hours) after 2 months. A prerequisite for you to join is that you have taken the intro workshop. Get in touch to let us know of your interest.

Professionally facilitated meetings make a huge difference in any organization. We use Whole Person Process Facilitation, WPPF, as the container in all our trainings and when we work with 5toFold in organizations.

If you do not have the competence to work with highly participative meetings in circle, we recommend that you take the WPPF training. Get in touch with us or learn more about WPPF here.

Upon request the trainings are also offered inhouse.