5toFold – Decisions That Unite

Intro to 5toFold

An experiential 2 + 1 hour workshop


This online workshop gives you the basic information which enables you to start using 5toFold (Five-to-Fold decision-making) right away. Participants receive a 2-page guide that guides them step-by-step through the 5toFold process:

  • Explore a 5toFold decision making process:
    – How a meeting is structured
    – The role of the sponsor
    – The role of the facilitator
    – The different phases of the process
  • Learn about the flow of 5toFold including the voting process, the meaning of each alternative vote “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Fold”, and the benefit of these distinctions.
  • Understand how this practice ensures that decisions are actually acted upon and supported by a whole team.

You will explore this unique decision-making process,
how it can be applied in your individual situation,
and you come out with clarity about your next step.


The next public Intro to 5toFold workshop dates to choose from:

We suggest that you also attend a Follow-up meeting two weeks later. This will help you move from theoretical understanding to practical experience. You get to learn from the experiences of your fellow participants as well:

Thanks again for the follow up, I liked it a lot. It gave me a deeper understanding of the difference between decision making, creating commitment and role clarity. 

Mariëlle Cuijpers, Netherlands

For Whom

For everyone who desires to build a culture of respect, collaboration, engagement and sustainable impact. Especially for those who initiate projects, have a leadership position or facilitate team meetings.

You can use 5toFold in business organizations, in non-profit organizations, in conscious communities, schools, even with your family and friends.

This is for you, if you desire to

  • Co-create a culture of trust
  • Have true buy-in from the people you collaborate with
  • Invite diversity and bring out the genius in people (instead of their resistance)
  • Complete projects successfully (instead of starting enthusiastically and then see people disengage along the way) 

5toFold is a collaborative decision-making process, meaning it is applicable in situations where a decision is not made top down, but by a group of people together.

It is especially suited for purpose-centered teams and organizations. 

5toFold creates space for high quality conversations with all voices being heard. It is clearly structured and efficient. It can be used in-person or online.

I have been using 5toFold with my family.
It is rewarding, fun and actually brings us closer together. When everyone is heard, feels respected and realizes that we all have an equal say, equal power and equal responsibility, it strengthens us both, as individuals and as a family/community.     



Have you ever made a decision with a group, but afterwards people had different (at times even conflicting) memories of what (if anything) had been decided? 

Have you heard people make suggestions (“we could…”), but then neither bring proposals forward nor act on them?

Instead, using 5toFold leads to clarity about

  • How to bring a proposal to a group in a safe way
  • Who will take leadership to actually move it forward
  • The commitment to implement the decision by all participants.

5toFold processes may result in well-founded disagreement (instead of hidden resistance). Then, after revising, the proposal is often met with excitement and full support by all! 

5toFold gives people the opportunity to voice their objections in a contained form early on (instead of sabotaging a decision afterwards by non-action). Objections are often valuable and can be used to improve a proposal.

5toFold is an effective and powerful way for both: major, complex decisions as well as fast day-to-day decisions. 5toFold helps you to build trust, foster individual responsibility and access the wisdom of the whole group. With each decision being made, alignment with personal and organizational purpose is strengthened.

5toFold leads to sustainable decisions, followed by action.


This workshop will be facilitated by Marai Kiele /Germany and Thomas Herrmann /Sweden, who are dedicated to sharing this process in the world.

How much

We believe 5toFold is a precious gift to the world and of great service to humanity. We are dedicated to making it widely accessible.  

Your financial contribution is 149 EURO. This includes the online workshop, our 2-page guide, a follow up meeting and a one hour mentoring session with Marai or Thomas to support your ongoing journey with 5toFold.

If after this workshop you have the genuine desire to contribute in more ways to the project of sharing 5toFold in this world, we will be happy to receive your contribution. There are a variety of ways to do so: 

You can

  • Spread the word about 5toFold to someone you value and invite them to take the Intro workshop
  • Introduce us to someone who may want to do an interview with us or feature 5toFold in some way
  • Or… anything that you creatively come up with yourself. 🙂

You can also contribute to our mission of liberating life-force by making a financial donation to a cause that we care about:
The Power of Play or
A Touch of Gentleness

Welcome to register by email to:
Marai: marai@5toFold.com Thomas: thomas@5toFold.com

Our full 5toFold offers


  • 5toFold 2 + 1-hour Intro Workshop = Get started with 5toFold
  • 5toFold 2 x 1/2 day Deep Dive Workshop = Deepen your understanding & practice of all the 5toFold possibilities & challenges 


We offer you support to bring Five to Fold decision making into your team/organization. We guide you through a process exploring the opportunity, preparing your team or organization, teaching the necessary skills, implementing 5toFold as a way to make decisions and evaluating progress.


Become a 5toFold master = Our 5toFold Mentoring Program for active practitioners