5toFold – Connect & Commit | Five-to-Fold decision-mastery process

Who are we?

Marai Kiele, Germany & Thomas Herrman, Sweden – Co-Leaders of this initative.

Working on this website, in Dec 2020.

We have dedicated ourselves to make this decision-making process widely and wildly known. In support of a thriving humanity.

Both of us learned from and worked closely with Chris Weaver, the originator of 5toFold, for over a decade.

How this website project came into being

In 2014, Chris Weaver and Thomas Herrmann started an initiative by reaching out to Genuine Contact colleagues. Marai Kiele joined and soon became a co-leader of their initiative.

Together with several others, they formed an international team that took on stewardship for and deeply explored 5toFold in 2014-2015. It also supported the Genuine Contact organisation in its decision-making, providing 5toFold facilitation support over several years.

In 2017, Chris Weaver left this life. 5toFold kept being valued by some, but not known by most.

In 2019, Marai reached out to all former team members to re-kindle the spirit and create a 5toFold website together. Thomas was the one who joyously followed the invitation. We picked up where we had left it several years before, intensified our work with 5toFold, created 5toFold workshops and co-created this website.

In July 2022 we launched our website and started offering free Intro to 5toFold workshops.

Our first international advertisement!

Algarve, Portugal, July 1st 2022