5toFold – Decisions That Unite


Emma Rosqvist

Artist and independent consultant in the field of leadership development, at Riddikulus AB.

Emma is a facilitator, consultant, teacher, and coach. She has created and facilitated personal growth and team development programs and seminars for more than 20 years. 

Emma helps managers and staff gain the ability to respond flexibly through awareness and building trust. She is supporting individuals and teams in developing the skills necessary to collaborate and build long term relationships. 

Emma is also a fulltime artist who paints and sells acrylic artwork and Fine Art Print. The paintings are an invitation to the viewer to reflect and act more consciously. She paints colorfully, figuratively abstract and is inspired by emotional expressions, silhouettes, squares, nature, fairy tales, houses, bodies, and patterns.

This has inspired Emma to create more of personal growth programs that supports individuals in developing skills to realize their full potential. Being part of the 5toFold team has brought delightful ideas and new perspectives to the process of shaping. 

It has been a great honor to create images for the website. To the best of my ability, I have tried to create the sense of an inviting, sheer openness, and acceptance, which I believe characterizes the essence of 5toFold.

I have also tried to capture participation and diversity which allow our human differences to be a success factor if we combine our uniqueness with the intent to explore. I hope you take the opportunity to dive into this powerful treasure and embrace the adventure waiting for you.


Come along and also meet Emma, the painter: