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Our Network


In the Genuine Contact™ community we have friends and collegues worldwide who work from the same Holistic Approach to Organizational Success. 5toFold has been used in the Genuine Contact Organization for almost two decades. We owe much gratitude for the learnings we have had in this development process.

Chris Weaver (the originator of 5toFold), Marai Kiele, and Thomas Herrmann knew each other since 2003 via the international Open Space facilitator community. We first came together physically during a Genuine Contact Mentoring Circle in Raleigh/North-Carolina in 2005. We all took the Genuine Contact workshops and become trainers. Later, as Co-Owners of the GC program, we took a stand for sharing the Genuine Contact Way of working.

Our approach is significantly influenced by the Genuine Contact values and beliefs.

One of the precious methods in the Genuine Contact Program is Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF). We use WPPF as the meeting format for all our 5toFold processes.

We highly recommend the Genuine Contact approach and learning with one of the GC trainers world-wide, including ourselves :).


Another close affiliation we have is to the world-wide Open Space community. 5toFold and Open Space Technology are anchored in the same values and beliefs.

People who appreciate one, often also appreciate the other.

You can find out more about Open Space Technology and the annual WOSonOS at Open Space World.

Watch our videos about Open Space Technology:

Short appreciation of the OST benefits.
This high quality video shows the whole process during a day from “opening of space” until convergence and action teams are formed. English subtitles.
A description of Open Space Technology as a game with great rules, roles and expected outcomes.