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The difference you make to us, Thomas

Thomas, ich habe dich als einen besonders wertschätzenden und wohlwollenden Menschen kennengelernt. Durch deine ruhige, geerdete und humorvolle Art habe ich mich in unserer Zusammenarbeit immer sicher gefühlt. Du hältst auf wunderbare Weise den Raum und führst durch die Prozesse.

Die ganze Arbeit für 5toFold hat meine Arbeit nachhaltig beeinflusst. Ich mag NUR noch in solch wertschätzenden Settings arbeiten. Danke Thomas, für diese Erfahrung!

Thomas, I have come to know you as a particularly appreciative and benevolent person. Due to your calm, grounded and humorous manner, I always felt safe in our cooperation. You lead through the processes and hold space in such a wonderful way.

All the work for 5toFold has had a lasting impact on my work. Now I ONLY like to work in such appreciative settings.

Thank you Thomas, for this experience!

Dear Thomas

Calmness and profound happiness is what I associate most with you. You are so amazingly good at creating a safe space and an easy-going atmosphere in a group. So what I’ve learned from you as a fascilitator, is to trust and follow the lightness. In both meanings: what feels light in weight and what is light in colour. 

You make a lot of things look easy and that is of course due to solid knowledge and long experience but also that you don’t complicate things. I admire your courage to introduce and work with models and technology that reach beyond people’s comfort zones. You are at the forefront of exploration, which make me think that if you were a movie – you would be Star Trek.

What I have learned from you as a person and human being, is something that you convey in body and soul. Generosity and Hope. That is what activates in me, when being with you. You are like a candle, spreading warmth and greater ability to see, wherever you go. I am so grateful for everything you do in this world. You help people do good things more often.

Thank you <3

Thomas, you were one of my first clients as I set out as a web developer, when I helped you to migrate your website to WordPress. Already back then, in 2011, Thomas was known to me, as well as to friends an colleagues, as Mr Open Space. An Open Space meetings was to me the symbol of “the good way of meeting”, even if I personally had just a little experience of the practice.

You are to me an inspiration, with your warm personality, your generosity, and your ability to contribute to and create an inspiring, productive, encouraging and friendly environment, regardless of the circumstances where we meet, be it IRL or online.

By inviting me to be part of the 5toFold website project, you gave me the opportunity to be part of a great experience of what purposeful co-working really can look and feel like. I would wish for everyone to have that experience!


Almost 20 years…

Thomas, when I first met you, you were walking the circle and holding space for the international gathering of Open Space facilitators at my first WOSonOS – 2003 in Swenmark.
A tall, handsome, calm, and powerfully present man. Back then, you became one of my Open Space role models.

Two years later, we were in Raleigh, North-Carolina, at the Genuine Contact mentoring circle, playfully jumping through the room on gymnastik balls and having a blast in the evening – the next day we stood in the Harmony Circle together, dedicating ourselves to creating “opportunities for harmony in the world.”

This is what I so love about you:
You have a major intention – which you act on reliably – to serve humanity and contribute to holistic collaborations on an organisational level.
At the same time, you know how to live life, to celebrate, travel, and play!

Your inbuild capacity to keep the spirit high, and to embrace what is – non-judgementally – makes you a true embodiment of the Open Space principles.

You create experiential learning spaces for the principles that serve life. You walk your talk (literally in the circle 😉 ). You live what you teach.

I am grateful to now call you a friend.


WOSonOS – 2003 in Swenmark

Grattis på födelsedagen❣️✨🤗