5toFold – Decisions That Unite | Five-to-Fold decision-making process

Whole Person Process Facilitation

With Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF), conditions are created for effective and result-oriented meetings where all available knowledge is used in the best way. It can be staff, project or decision meetings. WPPF increases learning when used in trainings.

Within the WPPF container we use a range of tools and techniques to design the meeting so that participants are given maximum opportunities for learning. We take into account different learning abilities and preferences such as learning styles, right left brain, intuition etc. We are mindful of maintaining a high energy level throughout the meeting.

WPPF is an effective way to achieve results for a meeting, if the meeting purpose is to engage people (not just share information). Meetings led with WPPF result in:

  1. Maximum participation
  2. Great creativity
  3. Joyful learning
  4. Genuine contact between those who participate
  5. The best possible solutions

WPPF is usually used for groups up to about 40 people but can be adapted for larger groups. It can be about inviting learning around one or more specific topics, developing something new together, making sustainable decisions or starting up a collaboration / network / project.

We use WPPF to create the best conditions for learning in the trainings we offer. For online meetings, we have developed a way to use WPPF that creates conditions for creativity, productivity and high energy throughout the meeting!

Get in touch if you are interested to learn to work with WPPF!