5toFold – Decisions That Unite | Five-to-Fold decision-making process

Mission Vision Values


Our mission with 5toFold is to liberate life force – in people, organizations and society.

We believe that people are precious, and that each individual carries unique capacities, worthy of sharing.

We believe that we as humans are better off when we get together and listen deeply to the different viewpoints, and thus tap into higher wisdom. Where no member holds back, and where the energy of conflict is used productively, as fuel for the shared mission.


5toFold creates access to group wisdom in teams. It unleashes co-creativity, shared leadership and sustainable execution.

As no-one can hide behind “if only I had been asked”, accountability levels increase and suppressed conflict comes to the surface. It can finally be dealt with–instead of leaking out side-ways and blocking the success of a group.

Repeated use of 5toFold will foster trust and cohesion. Group members get to know and understand each other deeply. Work flows more smoothly, with the speed of trust.


We value freedom of choice, together with taking leadership and responsibility for outcomes.

The leadership approach of 5toFold is invitational, trust-based and honors the contribution of each member. It also calls each member forth to take a stand for what they believe in, in service of the shared mission.