5toFold – Decisions That Unite

5toFold – a short description

โ€œFive to Fold is a methodology for effective, holistic group decision making, or decision creation. Five to Fold fosters open and honest communication, and continuous contact between individual and organizational purpose/essence. Five to Fold helps organizations to evolve rapidly as living entities.โ€ Chris Weaver (originator)

5toFold is a consensus decision making process. It is an efficient and powerful way to make both day-to-day and large, complex decisions. 5toFold builds trust, individual responsibility, and accesses the wisdom of the whole group.

5toFold can be a part of a longer gathering or it can be used in a meeting dedicated to decision-making. We recommend the meeting is facilitated by a person with knowledge about 5toFold as well as meeting facilitation. Whole Person Process Facilitation (part of the Genuine Contact program) is our preferred meeting methodology within which 5toFold can be integrated gracefully.

This short description will give you an overview, starting with explaining the different roles in a meeting and followed by the basic steps of 5toFold. There are some givens for a true 5toFold process.

Roles & responsibities in a meeting

  1. The facilitator guides the group through the steps of the process. The facilitator does not participate in the discussion or the finger vote.
  2. The sponsor/sponsors bring the proposal to the meeting and present it to the group. The sponsor responds to clarifying questions. She/he can choose to revise or withdraw the proposal following the clarifying questions or the sharing circle. The sponsor participates in all steps of the process, including the finger vote. The sponsor must prepare to be open to outcome i.e. to accept and appreciate whatever the outcome of the process will be.
  3. The participants take part in the steps of the process and they make the decision, in consideration of the organizational or group purpose.

5toFold – steps in a meeting

  • The meeting sponsor welcomes the participants and hands the facilitation of the meeting to the facilitator/-s.
  • The sponsor/-s present a proposal.
  • Clarifying questions are invited.
  • Sharing circle – participants share their perspectives.
  • The finger vote – participants choose from six alternatives ranging from 100% support and willingness to take leadership – to the possibility to, at this time stop the proposal from being accepted.
  • Celebration of the decision that the group has made.
  • Next steps.
    • If the proposal was accepted, towards implementation.
    • If there was one or more folds, to clarify what will happen next.
  • Closing circle

In order to use 5toFold wisely there are many considerations to be conscious about. We have outlined some of the most important ones.

Are you ready to learn more about how to start using 5toFold?