5toFold – Decisions That Unite | Five-to-Fold decision-making process

Why care?

Vulnerability = Uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.  
It’s the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity.

                                                                                                         ― Brené Brown 

We want to bring people together who show up as the best version of themselves. However, the way that decisions are being taken can make or break the whole project.

Hardly anybody is aware of this. 😳

Have you noticed? Most people are afraid of conflict and often they will go along with something they aren’t actually convinced off. Which leads project after project down the drain… With everyone just wanting to “get along…”:

The Abilene Paradox


… we want full engagement.
… we wish to create a culture where people show up fully, in their realness, with what they truly believe in…
… we want them to dare and be vulnerable, express their intuitive hunches (where creativity often comes from!)

We better implement decision-making processes which align with the culture we want.

Action step

Take the 5toFold Intro Workshop
Receive the 2-page detailed instructions.

 Source: Dharma Comics, Leah Perlman