5toFold – Connect & Commit | Five-to-Fold decision-mastery process

A history of 5toFold

Origins of 5toFold

In the late 90’s, working at the Pathfinder Elementary School in the USA, our dear friend and colleague Chris Weaver received inspiration about new ways to make group decisions based on the wisdom of the Native Indian traditions. Chris experimented and adjusted what he learnt to adult use, then shared it within the Genuine Contact community – an international community of practice for supporting life nourishing ways of working in organizations.

Five to Fold decision-making (5toFold) has been used for almost two decades in the Genuine Contact Organization. Marai, Thomas and several other collegues have also used 5toFold with different organizations around the world.

Long term use within the Genuine Contact Organization

In September 2006 5toFold was used for making a major decision with an international group of Genuine Contact trainers: A Co-ownership model was adopted. This started the journey of testing and refining how we use 5toFold in the everyday life of our organization both in online and in-person meetings. 

In 2014 a team formed to support the development of the practice of 5toFold. This team also serves the Genuine Contact Organization with facilitation expertise.

Inside the Genuine Contact Organization we developed additional procedures to help in the creation of proposals. We also learnt how to work with the method so that it serves the long-term harmonious development of an organization. 

Two important learnings

We became aware that using 5toFold inside an organization is a deep learning journey. It is mostly inspiring and joyful. On other occasions it is difficult, and it can even be painful. Much like living life fully. 

One of the important conditions that supported us in the successful utilization of 5toFold in our organization was Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF). WPPF is an established meeting methodology and a cornerstone of the Genuine Contact approach. We highly recommend that facilitators of 5toFold learn WPPF. It creates solid containers for 5toFold and many other group meeting situations.

We hope you got inspired to learn how to use 5toFold. Here you can check it out.