5toFold – Decisions That Unite


“The meeting today was awesome”

I thought it was inclusive, thorough and satisfying. The meeting has to be the most efficient and open process that I have experienced. Thanks to Marai for facilitating and sharing this resource with us. I’m so glad we have experienced and dedicated members to help us move forward on solid grounds.”


“I have been using 5toFold with my family.”

It is rewarding, fun and actually brings us closer together. When everyone is heard, feels respected and realizes that we all have an equal say, equal power and equal responsibility, it strengthens us both, as individuals and as a family/community.


“Big and small, simple and difficult & conflicted.”

After being introduced to 5toFold by Open Space Consulting and guided by Thomas, I have used the method in online meetings both in working life and in board positions within NGOs. These have been occasions where cross-section groups have had to decide whether a complicated development process should be initiated as well as when making major decisions in association meetings. 

5toFold is a decision-making process that I will often use to facilitate processes when groups need to make decisions. Big and small, simple and difficult and conflicted. The method leads, in a natural and respectful way, to consideration of everyone’s aspects and leads to individual responsibility and an acceptance of the decision that the group arrives at. 

Head of the Coordination Association in Jämtland County