5toFold – Decisions That Unite

Core Elements of true 5toFold

We wish to support the best possible use of 5toFold. We do this by teaching, supporting ongoing learning and by sharing information in different ways.

5toFold can be adapted for a variety of circumstances. However, we wish to share with you the main aspects of our preferred and recommended way, so that it stays a true 5toFold process.

Before the 5toFold meeting

  • The group has agreed to use this process.
  • There is no “back-up” decision-making process in place to “over-rule” a Fold.
  • 5toFold is only used in real time meetings, in-person or online.
  • Every proposal has one or more sponsors who bring the proposal to the meeting.
  • The facilitator’s role includes being unattached to the outcome of the decision making process.

During the 5toFold meeting

  • The group is seated in a circle.
  • The meeting is facilitated and starts with an opportunity for the participants to “land and focus”. We prefer to use Whole Person Process Facilitation, WPPF, starting with a transfer-in and then an invitation to share hopes and fears for the meeting.
  • The facilitator guides the process; without engaging in the content of the proposal or participating in the voting.
  • Every proposal is shared in writing as well as spoken in the circle by the sponsor/s.
  • The sponsor/s of a proposal express their invitation for people to tap into their wisdom and follow what has heart and meaning for them. All outcomes of the meeting are seen as successful, a Fold as much as an acceptance of the proposal. Both support the long-term benefit of the team/organization.
  • The process is given adequate time for each step to be completed.
  • There is a plan for situations where the time runs out before the decision making process gets completed.
  • There is a plan for how to support the process after the decision, including the possibility that there is a Fold.

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