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Olov Agné

“The shoemaker has the worst shoes.” – Swedish & German saying

We almost went live without an “about” page by Olov, our web developer. All his energy is going into finalizing the page.
However… being a true team… dear Olov, here is your page!

Olov lives in Göteborg with his wife and kids. He even uses 5toFold within the family!

You can reach Olov at https://webbverkstaden.com/ or write him an email.

I have really enjoyed working alongside Olov in this project! Olov has again proven his deep knowledge as a web developer. In our process Olov has been curious to what we are up to even when we went in many directions at the same time. Always calmly supporting us with frameworks and his ideas and passion for making this website something very, very special. I am amazed at how he has always creatively found the best possible solutions for us. Thank you!


I am so happy that I was able to get to know Olov through the “5toFold” project and that he brought all of our web design to life in such a unique way! It was a great pleasure to work with him in the team! Thank you Olov, for who you are and for the difference you make.


Olov is a gentle, listening person who steps into new perspectives with humble sensitivity. He speaks from an intention of thoughtful fairness, fair to the people involved and fair to the project. Dedicated till he brings about the best with a skilled and steady hand. 


When we first met with Olov in Aug 2021 and declared that the website would be online in Nov 2021… he smiled. Kindly. Professionally. And told us, that usually websites take 2-3 times longer than originally envisioned. I thought, “but he doesn’t know us!” Well… now we are going live on July 1st 2022.

Olov, you knew much better what an undertaking this project would be! I feel safe with your technical expertise. Your professional and caring approach to this project is a delight to me. I’ll miss our weekly Tuesday meetings, now that we are through the thick of it.

Seeing how you make sure the webpage looks as great (or even greater) on the smart phone, allowed me to realize all the competence that is needed to be a web developer. What a blessing to have you on the team!