5toFold – Decisions That Unite

Marai – Co-Steward of this project

  • Mentor & Coach to leaders who serve life
  • Holder of space for Wisdom to be revelead – for the highest good of all beings
  • Open Space Technology facilitator, trainer, and life-long learner
  • Professional playmate, and ongoing work in progress
  • Practitioner of radical responsibility

Marai lives in Germany, in a city that probably doesn’t exist 😉 (Bielefeld), she works in English and German language, and in the language of the heart.

She loves exploring new territory of what is possible in the world of “work” – mixing play and professionalism, depth and laughter, proven processes and stepping into the unknown.

Does this resonate? Write her an email and explore what becomes possible, together!

In 2003, I fell in love with Open Space Technology; met Thomas Herrmann, my dear collaborator in this project; and Chris Weaver, originator of 5toFold.

In the years since, we continiously explored 5toFold and deepened our understanding of all the ways it can serve. I’ve facilitated, participated in and taught 5toFold decision-making processes in the context of teams, non-profit organisations and business companies. My respect for this process has only ever grown.

I see 5toFold as a cousin of Open Space Technology
(the first process I fell in love with)
but that is another story

Properly done 5toFold processes have integrity. Used by people who truly care – about their project and about each other – 5toFold helps to unleash the enormous potential within heart-centred humans.

Which is what I care about❣️

Over time, our vision grew, for the contribution that 5toFold can be to a thriving humanity. Hence this website; co-created by a team of inspired, caring and highly skilled collaborators.

Would you like to work together joyfully?
On an ongoing basis?
Create results that are sustainable and meaningful?

Joy is a core value of mine, and I bring it into everything I do. Since 2009, when I realized that “joy” to me is like the air I need to breath, and got inspired to name my company:

Without having access to joy regularly, I will die. Inwardly, first. Which I see happening everywhere in today’s world: teams, individuals, organisations… that are dying… from the inside…


Isn’t that…

  • Childish?
  • Reserved for our hobbies?
  • An exceptional feeling, but nothing to aim for regularly?

The book “Joy Inc – How we created a workplace people love” by Richard Sheridan gives a definition of joy, which I resonate with deeply:

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