5toFold – Decisions That Unite | Five-to-Fold decision-making process

Thomas – Co-Steward of this project

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Being a human being living on planet earth together with other human beings there will always be joint decisions to make. In 2005 when I first got introduced to Five to Fold decision-making I was deeply touched by the qualities and potential of the method. Since then I have naturally shared it onwards in many organizations and companies.

Together with Marai and other collegues in the international Genuine Contact Organization I had the privilege to work alongside the originator, Chris Weaver, for many years. We explored our understanding of the method and how it can be used efficiently within organizations. One thing I learnt was that the learning goes on… 

In early 2021 Marai and I made a joint decision to make 5toFold more available in the world. One of the ways to share about 5toFold is through building and sharing this website. It is being developed by an expanding wonderful team of passionate people. 

I started my company, Open Space Consulting, in 1999 and have since then worked to create space for people, organizations and communities to thrive. I am a Genuine Contact trainer and all consulting I do is based on this approach. We offer the Genuine Contact trainings regularily in Sweden and internationally, both as public trainings and inhouse.

The mission of my company is to spread life nourishing ways to collaborate, to all villages on our planet.

Welcome to get in touch! One reliable way is to send me an email. I normally respond withing 24 hours.